Who first predicted the 5D2 specs correctly?

Started Sep 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
Jay Adeff Senior Member • Posts: 1,276
I was slightly too optimisitic

I predicted that it would have a maximum frame rate of 5 fps with no option for higher frame rate like the Nikon D300/D700. Boy was I wrong! 3.9 fps? Give me a freakin break!

However I did predict the same old lame 9-point AF from the 50D with the added "invisible" AF points from the old 5D. So when you shoot vertically, which I do 75% of the time, you really only get to choose from three AF points. Is Canon kidding us?

Other correct predictions: 3" LCD and live view (duh).

Really, it wasn't hard to predict based on Canon's typical track record of drip-feeding upgrades with no real innovation.

upnorthfar wrote:

Just out of general interest, let's rewind a little!

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