The new 5d is amazing (and comments on AF complaints)

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Re: The new 5d is amazing (and comments on AF complaints)

I'm right with you. I think that this camera looks AMAZING! I ordered my 10d the day it was released....and it's time for an upgrade. The original 5D looked like a great piece of hardware, but the price was a bit too much for me. I decided I would wait for the 6d..or whatever was coming after it instead of going on down the 20d, 30d line. I didn't think it would take this long, but it's definitely been worth the wait. This thing has way more pixels than I was expecting, which will be great as the 10d only has 6...and I'm very interested in seeing more of the video performance. I do video work as well and would love to have an HD camera, but can't really justify spending another $3,000 for that , plus another $800 or so for a 35MM adapter. If this can do a decent job of that while at the same time blowing away my 10d... I'd say it's well worth the $2699 asking price.

As to the long as it's better than the 10d I'll be happy. I'm so used to the way it focuses that I've learned to compensate for it with my shooting.

Someone else mentioned on a thread here about the convergence of still & video photography, and I think this is going to be seen more and more, since the sensors capable of capturing stunning stills can also be used for high definition video. It's not going to beat out a $50,000 professional HD camera, but it's certainly a step in the right direction and beats the pants off SD.

There will always be "haters", but this camera is certainly going to fulfill the need for many people in my situation. I suspect it will be one of their most successful models to date.

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