Well that's a letdown...

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Re: Well that's a letdown...

If 21mp is "OK", what would be "good"?!

I can't believe people are disappointed with this "evolution." It's a bigger step up from its predecessor than any other Canon DSLR release I can think of and its predecessor already had image quality which cut it with the best out there.

I have just had a 100x70cm canvas print made from a 5D file and it looks beautiful. So how big do you have to print to need more than 21mp? As a photographic generalist and traveller this is exactly my sort of camera. For sports shooters there are clearly better options but 5D was never a sports camera.

The weight difference between this and Nikon D700 is significant - more than the weight of my other camera (Canon Ixus 850IS).

I think those who whinge about frame rate miss the point that it does 30fps at resolution enough to make a newspaper front page!

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