5DII - just what I wanted and more!

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Re: 5DII which gives the best picture.

If we just look at the sensor (I always shoot RAW anyway) then compare the 5Dm2 to the 1DsM3 and you get a better picture from the 5Dm2 if you believe the talk about the sensor improvements.

I can now use LiveView to critically focus my super sharp Zeiss 120 S-Planar manual focus lens. Without LiveView it is very difficult to hit the point you want even with an AF confirm type adapter.

I've tried to do some tennis shots with the 20D and the 5D and found I could never get the ball on the racket in a burst on either camera and was much better off, just timing it manually from experience (a lot fewer wasted frames). Not sure I'll be any better here with the 5Dm2 but at least I can correct the slight back focus I get with my 100-400L.

BTW, isn't always wanting the "next new thing" a part of the FUN.


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