I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: I Love The Canon 5DII

Actually, I care and I don't buy every camera that comes down the pike. I like big prints, really big ones when I can afford to get them printed! So, a high resolution camera is something I want. The D700 didn't interest me at all. The Canon is of interest, because of its resolution. However, that being said, I will stick with Nikon because I like my D300 and will be adding the 24-70 to my kit when it is time. From what i have seen of this lens, resolving 21, 23, 25, even 27MP will be well within this and other Nikon lenses capabilities.

I agree wit hte OP, Canon and Sony have really upped the ante and that is good for us. We may get the best high res camera made because of them!
Roger M

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