The new 5d is amazing (and comments on AF complaints)

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The new 5d is amazing (and comments on AF complaints)

So Im looking through this forum on the day that the camera I have been waiting for for years now...the camera that so many of us have been waiting for for years released and every topic starter is a troll saying that the camera is garbage and how they're switching to Nikon. Well, I just wanted to start one topic saying how AMAZING this camera is going to be for so many of us.

It seems like a lot of people are looking for this camera to be something it's not, and was never intended to be, and so are whining now that they are let down. Let's get something straight though: for those of us who shoot mostly architecture, landscapes, models, etc. this camera is going to be amazing. The image quality...remember IQ? that thing that people who actually use their cameras as opposed to spec slobbering and forum posturing care about...will be insane. The high ISO performance looks to be off the charts. Full frame is the only way to go. 21MP: Finally I can get prints of my digital stuff as large as I am getting out of my Nikon 5000 film scanner. Better viewfinder...ohhhhh yesssssss. And all of this, apparently, at a bargain price. Incredible.

I even agree that HD video is a ridiculous feature to include in an SLR but for what I shoot (abandoned buildings) it's actually great. I just bought an LX3 to start capturing some short movies of friends and mishaps getting in to places, and now my SLR can do it. Again, I realize this is not something that almost anyone else needs, but for me it's great.

In any case, I also just wanted to comment on AF. People are complaining about the lack of an upgraded AF system, and I am really not getting why. If you're shooting sports, this isn't the camera you should be buying anyway. My 20D's focusing system has been giving me excellent, sharp prints for many years now. If you're not getting the same, guess what? It's user error...sorry to tell you. I shoot almost exclusively in low light. Could the AF system be better? Sure, I guess if they could find a way to make it focus in even lower light, but if you've actually used an AF body in low light for any amount of time, you know the tricks to get around the problem.

Of course...there's always manual focus too...I know it's madness to even suggest doing something manually...but you might be surprised at the results. Us XXd users will also have the option of a split prism focusing screen. Taystee.

So, I don't mean this as a post to slobber Canon or be a fanboy, I'm just saying that for what I do, the type of shots I take, this camera appears to be exactly what I wanted. Not only that but it is an order of magnitude better than the Nikons, not that it really matters.

As long as the reviews and samples keep looking good, I will be getting one as soon as I possibly can. I've waited a LONG time to upgrade my 20D, and this is one bad mama of a camera.


To the trolls: go out and take some pictures and stop raining on the parade the rest of us are having. Please.
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