I Love The Canon 5DII

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No Problem

around early November you might want to come back to that thought and see if you still agree with yourself

No problem. I can change opinions on a dime - see my signature ("I reject your reality, and substitute my own"

I suppose it's possible Nikon could feel pressured into doing something stupid, like releasing a product before it's ready. But Nikon will or won't do that independent of my above comment, so I'll sleep well tonight.

If it causes them to move their rumored MX camera forward in schedule, I would be all over that (even if it's somewhat expensive - heck, when I'm old and retired, I won't be able to enjoy my nestegg anyway, so I might as well spend it now).

If it causes them to put out a D800 (D700 body with either Sony's 24 MP sensor or one of the other high MP sensors Nikon was evaluating), that would strike me as a good thing (as long as the low ISO noise is good).

If it causes them to reduce the price of the D700 and D3, that would be a good thing also.

I'm sure I'm overlooking a scenario or two.

This is a little off topic, but the one thing I'm a little confused about is why did it take Canon so long to come out with the 5DII? Frankly, I was expecting that with this long a wait, the 5DII would be more revolutionary. Instead it's a warmed over 5D (a nice update to be sure, but still mostly an update). The tweak to the 1DsIII sensor shouldn't have caused this kind of delay, and the movie mode doesn't seem like it can account for it either.

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