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Re: The FUSS is. . .

Really? Only time will tell. I haven't heard ONE owner of a D3 or D700 complaining about their choice. I think it's difficult for people not in the business to understand, but high resolution for its own sake is not really appreciated in large segments of the pro market. Storage is cheap, but upload, editing, and transmittal time aren't, and if your market doesn't need 21MP images, that 5D file size becomes an anchor around your neck.

The 5D is a GREAT camera -- don't get me wrong. I couldn't be happier than seeing that kind of quality available at the price that Canon has hit. But they're leaving a lot of pros out in the cold, and I'm willing to bet it WON'T come out in the wash.

One last thought -- never underestimate the value of Nikon's brand image. Even while Canon was clearly ahead for a long, long period of time, a lot of people still respected the Nikon brand. And I'm starting to see it trickle down into the consumer market too. A year ago, most every DSLR I saw at a wedding in the hands of a guest was a DRebel. This year, especially over the last couple of months, I'm seeing WAY more Nikons than Canons.

I'm thinking right now, I'd rather be holding Nikon's wash, than Canon's -- but who knows? Only time will tell.

2005magnum wrote:

Sure, we hear about folks complaining and switching all the
time, but there is no mass exodus. There are as many Nikon pros
kicking themselves for buying the Nikon FFs and now looking at
greater resolution for a smaller price as there are Canon people who
want to move to Nikon. It all even's out in the wash.

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