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on digital DR

Joe Braun wrote:

If you don't mind another landscape shooter jumping in and voicing an
opinion, quite frankly none of the SLR's available today have enough
dynamic range to record many complex scenes -- a dark slot canyon
with a touch of sunlight, a sunset before the sun has fallen out of
view, etc. etc.

I would love a camera that could handle over 20 stops of range. Sound
crazy? So if we're debating between 11 usable stops and 13 usable
stops, I could care less. They both don't cut it.

So I'm happy to bracket and get my extra stops in post proc. Now
since DR isn't good enough on any camera, which camera would I prefer
to be shooting with... a 12mp or a 20+mp model? I'll take the latter
(of course provided that the quality of those 20+mp was just as
good). -Joe
Joe Braun Photography

Well, film, at least positive film, doesn't have more than 7 stops DR (my source is John Snow's book on nature/outdoors photoog). Negative film would go further, not sure how much, have read about DR of 11 stops.

There's a difference though re digital, since analog clipping is quite different from digital clipping, so harsh HLs are really a big issue in digital in my exp.

I'm not a landscape shooter, but I like cityscape shooting a lot. Ckeck this image for example:

This was shot with a D80, and it shows problems around the clouds, clipping in the red channel, which, for a color shot, would be a big problem, with strong color shift. Not so much for b&w.

I shoot manual, spotmetering all the time, so I know exactly how to adjust to get the correct zones (for b&w), from my film days.

The D80 has about 8stops of usable DR, only 3 stops from midgray to HL clipping. With a D700, with about 10-11 stops and 4 stops in HL range, I'd be already much better off. With another 1 or 2 stops, well, that would give 5-6 stops from midtone to HL clipping, in my exp enough for most situations (and you can also underexpose a bit overall and recover mid and low tones with a better sensor, the D3/D700 already seems to do a better job at that).

So, I think Physics precludes 20stops of DR. But not 13 stops, I'd go for that in exchange for some more pixels.
Regards, Renato.
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