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Joe Braun
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Re: what about DR?

If you don't mind another landscape shooter jumping in and voicing an opinion, quite frankly none of the SLR's available today have enough dynamic range to record many complex scenes -- a dark slot canyon with a touch of sunlight, a sunset before the sun has fallen out of view, etc. etc.

I would love a camera that could handle over 20 stops of range. Sound crazy? So if we're debating between 11 usable stops and 13 usable stops, I could care less. They both don't cut it.

So I'm happy to bracket and get my extra stops in post proc. Now since DR isn't good enough on any camera, which camera would I prefer to be shooting with... a 12mp or a 20+mp model? I'll take the latter (of course provided that the quality of those 20+mp was just as good). -Joe
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