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Re: Uh, no. . .

Paul Grupp wrote:

I want the specs of the D700 or the D3, at the exact price of the
D700, or D3, which is just about perfect for me. I don't need a
warmed over 5D built on essentially a 30D body, and I don't need an
$8000 1DsMkIII either.

What I need is a camera with professional-grade AF, a reasonably high
frame rate, and I'd like to have it on a body that works with all the
other Canon bodies lenses, flashes, and accessories I already own. If
it costs $3000, or $4600, that's fine -- that's still far cheaper
than a 1DsMkIII.

Paul you are right on the money. I WILL NOT pay $8,000 for a camera to do weddings. I just won't do it. For one thing my wife can't hold the 1DsMKIII. I want a 5DII with at least the 50D focus system. I can't believe what they did to the 5DII AF... crazy...

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