I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: I Love The Canon 5DII

I am happy owner and early adopter of D3. I have decision to wait for a D700 successor. I already have too much cameras
I am pretty sure there are Nikon lenses resolving more than 21mp.

markdavis wrote:

Rumpis wrote:

Agree with you. Hope to see Nikon answer - something better and
My dream camera now is something like D700 but with more megapixels
than D700. It will be the right camera for landscapes and travel.

d700 is just a few months old and already you want another?
get a new phone or something if you need to buy stuff

nikon won't play in the $3000 anytime soon. d700 is too good right now
who cares about 21mp when you don't have lenses to resolve it

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