had digital ultimately destroyed professional photography

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Re: Sorry Jeff...

prizo wrote:

Perhaps if you offered something more like that - more like what your
clients see on TV and in Magazines - they would see a larger
difference between what they can do and what you can do.

Hmmm, we definitely have different vision, you and I. And I appreciate where you're coming from and what you're attempting to do. As I said, I'm thinking about all of this and thank you for shaking the tree. I'm thinking about a commercial battery product as I write, and trying to imagine where it could go differently. Depends on the agency AD, too.

I don't know what you looked at, but I have different sites for different markets, and the one I use here on DPR is a general catch-all.

Below, all but "The Grinder" were shot in studio, and even then required serious set-up time and quite a few takes to get the reflection and and the sparks just right.

My job is a lot more than setting a strobe. It's building sets to meet an art director's concept, finding talent, directing stylists, carpenters and assistants and directing the shoot. I also light and prep so I don't have to retouch the sh*t out of a product. I often also lock the shutter up and change lighting within the same frame, compositing in camera. Some of the images here were done that way, like the candy shot - 3 lighting styles and exposures on one frame, no Photoshop. Sometimes it just blends better.

For instance, all the packaging images for the world's largest manufacturer of ice cream cones, in grocery stores nationwide for those in the US. These happen to be chocolate flavored cones, thus the dark color.

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One of the national great glass carving/etching artists, including the Super Bowl and Indy 500 trophies that reside in team possession after the cup or whatever moves on.

S&S Gourmet cheesecake - who bought out Mrs. Smith's Pies, relocated from Philly and changed over to these

Gorant Candies for corporate gift sales brochure

Precision Feedscrews, Inc

RE Whittaker CO. Industry award winner first place marketing photo


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