The Lowering Quality of Photography

Started Sep 16, 2008 | Discussions thread
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It's now computer people buying cameras as peripherals

Adrian Veidt wrote:

I remember coming here in 2001 and joining the Olympus forum and it
was like family.

I think the biggest thing that's changed is it's more computer people buying cameras as peripherals for their computers, rather than photographers buying cameras.

Look at the discussions, they are having brand wars like the Apple/PC brand wars of years past. It's all about specs, not appreciation of beauty.

I admit though that I come here for the Oly tech talk I can't get elsewhere. I LIKE IT because it IS tech oriented, and go elsewhere for my photo talk, in my case a camera club; I can't get Oly tech talk at the camera club so that's why I like it here as it is.

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