I Love The Canon 5DII

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Another look at the D700 now..

Face it, the D700 had to be relatively cheap to engineer and is now raking in the dollars for Nikon. This new 5D will undoubtedly push down the price of the D700 and I'm still waiting for that to happen for me to jump.

Take a D3 sensor and basic internals, put it in a D300 body with a redesigned top end and voila, cash cow. That price HAS to come down and very soon to boot.

If the 5D MkII is able to acheive the same IQ at 6400 as the D700 WITHOUT the plasticky skin effect I'll be blown away. Frankly I don't quite expect that to happen. Then again it's a year newer than the D3 and technology marches on.

I'd love a D700 now but I know that if I just wait for a bit, I'll be glad I did.

If only Nikon glass was 100% compatible with Canon bodies, AF and all...
'Nothing is more glorious nor terrifying than knowledge of the future.'

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