I Love The Canon 5DII

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likely D700 body 24mp Sony sensor

Or they skip the $6000 step and go the D700 body/24mp Sony sensor route. I doubt that anybody now after the Sony and Canon announcement still would pay $6000. The difference buys a lot of first class optics.

This way they could leave the upper segment for their rumored (small) medium format body and lens line.

The 5DMKII has the same sensor as the $8000 EOS-1Ds Mark III according to Thom BTW. "The only change in the 5DII is to the Bayer layers to make them more transmissive".

hmac wrote:

Hans Giersberg wrote:

No, I'm not going to switch to Canon any time soon (I'm too invested
in Nikon lenses, plus I just prefer Nikon cameras), but the 5DII is
an impressive addition to the marketplace. I love the fact that it'll
hold Nikon's feet to the fire and increase the pressure on them to
get their own high MP camera out, as well as pressure them to lower
their prices to stay competitive. So in the long run, we all benefit.
Thanks Canon.

MY guess is that Nikon's next announcement will be their 24 MP
full-frame professional-level camera, and it will be in the $6000
price range. I doubt that Nikon will want to bother competing in the
high-megapixel consumer-body arena. I don't see the 5DII in that
specialized niche, which they've already addressed (exceeded) with
the D700, putting any pressure on Nikon. Even the 5D Canon fan-boys
are poo-pooing the concept of 24 megapixels in that little camera.

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