At last an official review for the D90!

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John Tracy Senior Member • Posts: 1,313
Re: the conclusion fist line says it all

NYC Photos wrote:

The post below has been up for three minutes and the omnipresent
detractors have yet to comment negatively.

Let me try to help out:

"That reviewer is a moron."
"Anyone who likes the video mode should get a P&S."
"Liveview is useless and I will never need it and don't want it."
"I am not an early adopter. Let someone else see what the kinks are."
"It is not enough of an upgrade for me from my D80/70/60/50/40."

Hope this helps and saves some of you some time.


Those who refer to others as morons are always looked at in the same light.

It was my understanding that name calling resulted in being banned , so if we are lucky maybe we won't really see any negative replies.

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