The Lowering Quality of Photography

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john farrar
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Re: Rorschach

Yeah, but then I'd have to speak with less eloquence and there's no way in hell I could go for 12 months without a ban being the straight-to-the-point Rorschach.> > >

Now that's interesting because there is Rorschach the pedant and Rorschach the guy who sees meaningful things in ink blots Certainly you have wound up or "trolled" a few people here, and no doubt had you been around in the times when reading and ink quill handwriting were restricted to the elite you'd have been just as irritated when it leaked out into the masses.

Good photography is still there and you can still pick it out from the noise. I was only thinking along similar lines today when I visited Photosig and spotted something that I thought was unusually good as a photograph and which was spot-on at capturing the emotions as well as telling its story.

Seems to me that what you're whingeing on about is people trying to enjoy their experience of photography without having signed up to be Camera Club bores prior to the act of acquiring a Camera. Would you like them to apply for a license to produce 'art' for the infinitisemally small clique who 'know' what 'good art' is all about?

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