5DII - just what I wanted and more!

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5DII - just what I wanted and more!

Ok, here's another pro-5DII thread. Against the run of play on this forum, but here goes anyway.

This cam looks (on paper) to be just what I wanted and more. I bought the 40D when it came out as a stopgap for wedding work until an updated FF was released. At the time I was hoping for a quick update of the 5D with the 40D feature set. I also wanted a price of less than $3K, which at the time seemed ambitious (and at the time we were talking about a 14 - and at a stretch a 16MP FF sensor).

So what do we get a year down the track? the best (again, on paper) high-res, high-ISO sensor money can buy. All the features of the 50D (nevermind the 40D). $2.7K.

This is the 'new' 5D in every way. It's not a cheap FF (7D) or a pro FF (3D). This is a 5D, and a 5D is NOT a sports camera, or an action camera, or a wildlife camera (although in the right hands it will excel for any of these genres).

This is the perfect upgrade for the 5D's core market: wedding, portrait and landscape photographers. Pros and serious enthusiasts. Now tally the specs against the needs and wants of this market:

high-res sensor - check
accurate and sensitive AF with pro lenses - check
large viewfinder with replaceable MF screens - check
low-noise high-ISO for low light shooting - check
weather seals for mild weather conditions - check
high-res LCD for accurate AF confirmation - check
grip-less design for portability - check

What more could I want?


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