The Lowering Quality of Photography

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Re: The Lowering Quality of Photography

Adrian Veidt wrote:

The Lowering Quality of Photography in the 21st Century...

I can't really respond to most of the body of the OP, since I have only been around DPR for a couple years. But I would like to comment on the first line of the OP, which seems to be unrelated to the rest of the OP.

I have a film background of decades, and am a few year old digital newbie.

I do not think the quality of photography, i.e, the quality of the images, has decreased.

I think if one is talking percentages, it is pretty much the same. The percentages of really good work is pretty much the same, as are the percentages of boring, mundane, etc.

Given the technological advances there may be a higher percentage of technically acceptable images, but again, few good (interesting artistically speaking) and many boring.

I would say rhough, that if not talking percentages, there are alot more images out there. A many are technically competent images. A minority are good photographs though.
Things have not changed, that much.

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