5D MKII First Impressions

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5D MKII First Impressions

I've been using the 5D since it was released a few years ago. I love the camera, but have always wanted it to have just a tad more functionality.

Now, finally Canon releases the long talked about replacement body.

True to form, Canon has crippled the replacement. Adding the bells & whistles that are in every other current DSLR, but keeping, what seems to me, the same basic flaws intact.

FPS...actually reduced down to 3.9. I don't need a machine gun, but c'mon Canon, this thing should and could easily do 5fps.

Mirror Lockup? Do I still see that direct print button? I don't see a dedicated Mirror lockup...maybe I missed it. I am getting old and my eye sight isn't as good as it once was.

Autofocus - 9 points? Wow-wee...Canon is treading water here.

Flash shutter sync 1/200th/sec. Ahmmmmm.... Crippled...plain and simple.

New battery design...well, that's great... What was wrong with the old design? It sure would have been nice to be able to use the old charger and battery, even if they came out with a new one. But, there's money to be made in selling those little extra things one needs to get to go with their camera.

Live-View....Wow-wee...every camera on the market has it now. Why not make the screen articulate so it would actually be useful for something other than snapshots?

So, the big claim to fame is the 21 megapixel sensor. Sorry, but the megapixel race is just getting started, I'm not jumping in just yet. I'll keep the 1DsMKII for the resolution and save the old 5D for the bopping around.

Sorry Canon, too little, too late. I'll be waiting for the newer Nikons, which I've already begun to accumulate. I'll never keep my eggs in one basket again. I have work to do. So does Canon.

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