D700 the price will drop soon.

Started Sep 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
Capricorny Regular Member • Posts: 388
The 5D II price will probably not drop very soon...

..With all the Canon shooters waiting for this release, we should expect the 5D II price to stay high for at least a few months. The D700 price will surely adapt to this, and I think Nikon is very well prepared for this competition, price-wise. They have sold their shiploads of D700 at the introductory price, and have probably already recovered much of the development costs for the model.

If there were more overlap feature-wise, direct D700/5D price competition would have been harder. In fact, I was hoping for that, but there will probably be only a partial such effect. Right now, they will probably follow each other, so that price will not be an important argument. It's far worse for the A900.

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