Do 1Ds MkIII users Feel Cheated By Canon since 5D Mark II is anounced??

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Re: I knew -------->

over the original depends upon how its ISO performance stands up.
This to me is the really big question.

My theory is --------- 1:- the Original 5D has the same ISO performance IN RAW as the D3 / D700 (forget JPG comparisons) and 2:- the D300 is very noisy at all ISOs in RAW (Hence the need for Nikon to make 12Mp FF cams), it's covered up with tons of clever NR . 3:- Unless there have been massive breakthroughs in sensor design (there haven't been any for years and years) , I can't see the 5D2 breaking any records for high ISO performance, IT'll kill it for Noise reductiuon Quality in JPG but I doubt the 5D2 will beat the original at ISO3200 RAW Native print size by much if any.... The 1DS3 isn't anything special at High ISOs and the 1DS2 is only a third of a stop noisier than the original 5D which also makes sense given pixel size differences..
Just my thoughts anyway

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