Arrrrgh! 5D has skew/jello also

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Re: Does Wayne Bass work for RED?

Although it looks like RED is/was doing some novel things, I'd say buying RED at the moment would be a risk because it looks like Canon can definitely make they disappear with the 5D that was announced today.

They are definitely very small time. And some of the things on their website are downright unprofessional.

-If you look at their website, it says copyright 1999-2008, but on Wikipedia, it says it was founded in 2005.
-The fact that you have to download their videos through BitTorrent.

-"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude." Having character is one thing, but when spending 10's of thousands of dollars on equipment and lenses, I'm not looking for character. I'm looking for professional fit and finish. And some kind of a reassurance that my warranty is going to be good in the future.

Looking at the product pictures, it sure looks you'll be carrying a lot more gear than you'd be doing with the 5D Mark II.

Will the RED at least be better for video? We can only rely on a head to head comparison for that info.

Wayne Bass wrote:

Sounds like I touched a nerve. I came on dpreview because I wanted to
find out why my d90 was so bad with the skew problem.

I'm desperately looking for a large sensor camera I can use for both
my still work and video work without carrying around lots of gear.

If the 5D really has no skew then I'm in!

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