Arrrrgh! 5D has skew/jello also

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Re: Rolling shutter is well over 100 years old

I hear what your saying...but lets be honest - all the talk of 'evolution' and what-not has someone like myself wanting that stage of evolution.

In short, Im an artist/producer...the tool needs to work for me and fit my personality/workflow...not me trying to bend myself to the tool.

The latter is how things have been throughout various phases and places in the digital art world. Only recently is technology opening up to 'free the mind' from figuring out how to work around the technological kinks.

I have seen it in print as well as video worlds...having to figure out work around and tricks...and then comes a fix which everyone goes, 'of course it naturally works this way'. But before that it was, 'oh its impossible.'

Red truly seems to be working in the same line of thought that I have presented...which is making the tool for the artist.

I dont work for red, nor do I own a single red product.

The fact is their camera wont be out until end of next year (from how I understand it.)...and by that time, who knows what Canon/Sony will release.

If any direct competition is feared, it would seem it would be from Sony.
In honesty they have the leg up in video compared to Canon.

Canon only recently got somewhat a foot in the door due to their XL1 line a few years back. By know means does that compete with the higher end video/cinema cameras.

In the short of it we have what is called the present moment of reality:
Do you want this type of feature now?

Does it work as Phil suggested without the scew? (Would love to see his footage of the canon vs. d-90)
If so, then this camera is for you.

If not, then you may well be tempted by the Sony...IF (big if) you dont already own canon glass. Of course the A900 would not make you switch otherwise.

The interesting bit is when Red will release their camera and allow your canon lenses on it.

Things are getting interesting.

I will say this, the release of this camera with the lower AF specs, etc. compared to the A900 proves my point (at least to myself) that Sony, Canon, Nikon are in it together.

I have always pointed out that Sony provides video chips to canon for their cameras from how I understand it...and Sony provides NIkon their chips (which begs the question why they cant learn from Nikon about noise reduction after all this time.)

Reason being is because Canon, Nikon, & Sony all have products to fill gaps between each other...nothing ever directly competes. Thats why you have comments about odd features that are not updated or added to a new camera which seems obvious.

Think about Sonys lower end dslr line...they have 500 cameras, about the same price, with a gadget added or taken away here and there.

So if you believe this is a war between 3 companies...think again.

Is Red the real deal or another layer in the system, as it were? Who knows...I will say that it looks promising - and I wont lie, I am very interested in their products.

(Was interested in the scarlet, but now curious as to what this dslr killer will do.)



joebloe wrote:
Rolling shutter appears in both still and motion picture photography,
and is easy to work around if you know how to use a camera. (Which of
course most people don't and don't care to learn.)

Wayne Bass wrote:

Just got an side email from someone in the know that the 5D can't get
around the skew problem.

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