Arrrrgh! 5D has skew/jello also

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Re: Jello cam is usually bad technique

Same here, I have done sports work for clients with a Sony HD cmos and it has been fine. No customer has requested that i shoot video like I am high yet and jerking the camera around like a mad man. Honestly, when are you ever going to shoot like that?

matthew Thomas wrote:

I have many video cameras with CMOS and I've never had a client
complain about rolling shutter skewing. The would, however complain
about why I kept panning back and forth on a picket fence when I
should have been shooting their commercial.

Really. This shouldn't be a deal breaker for you. If you seem to
need exacting frame rendition in pans, get a $100,000 CineAlta. Many
of these use CCD's and are nice. But they won't have a full frame
sensor, EF lens compatibility, in-lens IS, still capability and they
are HUGE.

Really this is the beginning of a revolution in imaging. With all
the creative still photographers out there producing video with true
35mm look for nearly no cost, I predict a stock video revolution.
istockvideo will explode with this camera out there.

I'm giddy since I really would like to see better footage on the
stock market for my productions.

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