Arrrrgh! 5D has skew/jello also

Started Sep 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
CommonSense Regular Member • Posts: 383
Who records like that? I do steady panning not drunk sailor

If you plan on shooting a majority of your stuff like a drunken sailor then you may need to get a DV cam. I have been doing video for a while now and I have yet to shoot video like that. Good video has steady panning and glides.

Wayne Bass wrote:

Just got an side email from someone in the know that the 5D can't get
around the skew problem.

Everyone is pointing to RED to solve problem and looks like they
already have the solution:

I never thought I'd switch from Nikon to Canon and then to completely
different camera company but this problem is a deal breaker for me.
My clients are increasingly demanding both stills and video for the
stills jobs and it looks like Red is going in that direction too.

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