Scan 10,000 8x10's?

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Re: Scan 10,000 8x10's?

After a little thought, you could probably do this with a good copy stand tethered shooting directly into bridge where you could add the keywords and metadata almost on the fly. Would be faster than scanning but I wouldn't take the low road and use a zoom lens. A fixed 50 macro would produce beautiful images edge to edge. If you used a camera with live view you could speed up the centering of your images but if they were all 8x10's this would be easy and you wouldn't have to mess with the live view. I bet you could crank out the images shooting and if someone was assisting they could add the metadata on the fly. Shooting this I bet you could do 500+ per day. Handling with care will limit the speed a little. I had a book published recently that all the images were copied with a Canon 1Ds with a 50 macro and they were very nice for a text book.

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