The BEST thing about the 5DMkII...

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The BEST thing about the 5DMkII...

... may well be that it crashes the price of the original 5Ds to the point where moving into FF is a "no brainer" for anyone with half an interest in photography.

Given the price that the 5D2 is slated at, I'd say the street price will be at about $2200 within a short period of time. So, the 5DMkI will have to sell well under $2K (probably around the same price as a new 50D, and even then, that might be pushing it).

Having said that, the low-light performance, if it lives up to expectations (and why wouldn't it, given the 50D sample images), is reason enough to upgrade from any currently shipping model under the 1D series.

Don't care much for MPs, but a great low-light FF camera at less than $3K is my kind of rig.

Funnily enough, I'm a little surprised Canon didn't enable the 5D to take EF-S lenses, even with a crop factor (similar to Nikon's approach with the D700). I think Nikon has the right idea here, as it gives people the ability to "step up" gradually, rather than (potentially) having to purchase all new lenses.

I think all that Canon has succeeded in doing is forcing people to buy after market lenses, rather than Canon gear so that they can afford the total package. OTOH, if they had have allowed/enabled EF-S lenses, more people would have bought the FF camera as an upgrade, and then once they realised the benefits of shooting FF were being lost without new glass, would buy new glass.

All up, the 5D2 is a nice piece of equipment, but not necessarily nice enough to force a lot of xxD users up the line.

But that's just my opinion.


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