You are not happy about your 20/30/40 D because?

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Re: You are not happy about your 20/30/40 D because?

I have been happy with my 40d for a little bit over 2 years now and I am ready to move (kidding !!!)

The 40D is a great camera but here are a few things that will make me consider an upgrade.

1. AF does not work well on telephotos when you go past f/5.6. AF working on 400 f/5.6 w/ a 1.4 TC and center focus point would be great F/8). This is the strangest thing in the 40D. AF takes forever to acquire using the center focus point when using a TC w/ most of the telephotos. The other focus point work fine but not the center one.

2. We need more pixels. More pixels for better cropping on birding situations would help even if #1 is not there.

3. The live view implementation is really bad. I can never get this to work correctly when I need it.

4. It does not have HDMI output. It would be great if it were to improve my images when displaying in HDTV

5. The shutter is still noisy. A completely silent shutter mechanism that does startle birds and other animals would be great.
6. White Balance indoors is not that great.

7. At least subconciously, I still feel that feather detail and image quality using the same lenses was better with the 30D.


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