The Lowering Quality of Photography

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Apples and Oranges

Your first post has absolutely NOTHING to do with photography. It has to do with forum postings. And the quality of those posts, good or bad, has nothing to do with photography.

By definition, anything that appeals to the masses is going to have lower quality than something that doesn't. So we should expect that with mass sales of DSLRs, overall quality of photography would drop. And especially with the availability of high frame rates, there are those who simply hold their finger on the exposure button. Someone on here with a lot of dogs claims to shoot up to 10,000 photographs a day and has 300,000 images of the dogs up on some website. To me, that's not photography. But to each his own...

Having said that, on sites like this, I've also seen an amazing amount of absolutely superb photography. Photography that made me say, "wow!". Photography that made me envious of the photographer's skills. I've seen street shots of places I pass every day, but never really noticed until the photographer provided their unique perspective on the scene.

So I could not make the statement that photography has gotten worse. I would contend that there are more people making better photographs, both technically and aesthetically. There are still probably relatively few artists, as was always the case. But there's lots of great photography.

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