The Lowering Quality of Photography

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Adrian Veidt wrote:

What my profile says is my business and the fact that I haven't
posted is also my business. It's not a put up or shut up place here
now as well is it?

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From someone that started with a cheap Oly DSLR, I don't know who you are. There is no link to a gallery, so I don't know how serious to take your "the most basic kind of point-n-shoot photography you could imagine" in reference to other's ability.

I'm no great photographer. I'm simply enjoying the experience and working toward improving.

How about you? Am I supposed to lick your shoe leather or something? Tain't happening.

Call folks bozos, take a look in the mirror. The four month history is my business because you seem to be looking (or trolling) for a fight. I get weary of people like you that pretend greatness as you peer down the nose at the little folks.

What was the point of your thread again??? Oh ya, just trolling for a fight with a new username that will likely be banned shortly, just like your prior ones.


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