16-85 lacks sharpness

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...& 3b. Use a shutter release cable or wireless remote control (nt)

SteveM7i wrote:

1. Shoot in raw mode
2. Use 100 ISO
3. Use a tripod and turn VR off

3b. Use a shutter release cable or wireless remote control

4. Use manual focus (this is essential if your aim is to test sharpness)
5. Shoot studio-type shots with a flash or other controlled lighting
(e.g., still life/static subjects) in addition to outdoor daylight
6. Test a range of apertures from wide open to the the smallest
judged as being generally useful for this lens (e.g., see
http://www.slrgear.com/reviews/showproduct.php/product/1177/cat/13 )

IMO, the sample images you've linked to can't be used to judge the
quality of your lens.

Good luck.


David Mitchell wrote:

I've had the 16-85 VR for a few months now and whilst initially
impressed, I am now increasingly finding that most pictures taken
with it seem to lack real sharpness. Since I'm still pretty new at
this, I'd welcome some more opinions on the subject - is there an
issue or am I simply being too fussy.

All photos were taken with a D40x & 16-85 and have had no PP. The
colours are a bit off because i forgot to set the white balance


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