Imac or Mac Pro??? Help please. Using Aperture and CS3

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Kim van Heuven Forum Member • Posts: 88
Imac or Mac Pro??? Help please. Using Aperture and CS3

Hi all,

I am currently using an "old" Macbook Pro with 2.0 Mhz Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) processor and 256MB video card. I installed a WD 320 GB HD as replacement of stock unit.

This is the only computer I have. When home, I attach it to my 30" apple cinema screen.

I however am getting tired of having such a small harddrive and slow speeds when I edit pictures and want to buy a new unit. The current macbook pro I want to use when I'm on the road to just save some pictures.

I either will go for the Imac or Mac Pro. The Imac is relatively a lot cheaper then the Mac Pro model.

I do like the fact that the Mac Pro has 4 slots for HD's. So no more bothering about with external drives etc etc

Imac has the advantage that I will have a 24" screen and can attach my 30" monitor.

In your opinion, would it be wise to go for a Mac Pro even though it's much more expensive? Is the Mac Pro much faster in processing/adjusting images than the Imac or isn't there a big difference with the current line up of Imacs?

If I would decide go for a Imac, does the attachment of the 30" displace require the video card to work much harder since it has to drive 2 screens???? And will it slow down the machine?

Thanks a lot for your thoughts.



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