16-85 lacks sharpness

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Re: 16-85 lacks sharpness

I have similar concerns but am beginning to wonder if part of this is my expectations, shooting technique and photo content. With some very limited photographs I was beginning to wonder if my 16-85 was not up to the standards some others have suggested. I took a short trip out of town and got to a rise overlooking some fields with our downtown in the distance - nice scenic shot with green fields in the front and white buildings waaaay in the distance. Shot it at f9, 1/500, 200 ASA 85mm.

I didn't think it looked that sharp . . . but put it into Capture, tweaked the contrast just a bit, put in normal sharpening then upped the unsharp mask to 49 and 5 . . . You can see the individual windows on buildings 6-8 miles away - I can literally count the floors. Is the lense sharp? Probably. Why did my other shots look soft? Probably poor technique, poor focus, low contrast scenes or some/all of the above. For me, I don't think it is the lense.

My point it don't give up on the lense. Work in Raw format. Shoot some scenes in good light with lots of finely delineated details and process them carefully.

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