The beginning of the end for Sigma's DP1?

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Re: My bet is they

Tiffles wrote:

The problem is: Cool to have next to your DSLR is a camera that goes
in a trouser pocket and has DSLR quality. This is what many hope to
see in a variety of versions.

Ergonomical and psychological considerations make me believe that the
average MFT will be carried like a DSLR:

The average might. But some wont.

The Oly E-420 is already VERY small for the amount of control it
features (and is assumably required by buyers of interchangeable-lens

The oly has a 40 mm distance from mount to sensor. A regular FourThirds can never go into any reasonable sized pockets. A micro FourThirds can, if you want it to. Thats the difference.

I doubt the designers will dare to go much smaller because
it is not helping to catch the decisive moment when you need a
tweezer to stop down the aperture.
Then, a camera of that appearance will not simply be thrown in a
handbag. People will want to have an extra camera bag for it. This is
also an assumption of course. I am pretty sure that on days you'd
rather leave your DSLR at home, you will likely also want to leave
your EVIL at home and bring a compact camera instead.

Therefore I am struggling to see the advantage of the system.
Right now I think it will flop big time but what do i know..

You might be right - or not.

What talks in your advantage is the mount. The mount sets a rigid minimum thickness of the camera. The DP2 might be 10 mm thick folded if they find a way to do it. The m43 cannot.

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