16-85 lacks sharpness

Started Sep 16, 2008 | Discussions thread
Mike Neary Veteran Member • Posts: 3,355
Re: My copy seems soft as well...

RussellG wrote:

This thread really interests me because I'm having the feeling that
my recently purchased 16-85mm is not as sharp as it could be either.
I also picked up a Sigma 10-20 which is a wonderful, fun lens to use.
It is noticeably sharper than the 16-85mm, but I don't know if that
should be expected (it's my first Sigma lens).

No, that's not my experience. My 16-85 is very sharp and at least as sharp as my Sigma 10-20!

I'll get some test photos together and post them shortly to see what
you think.

Put both lenses on a tripod, turn VR off on the 16-85, and use a good, high contrast test target for the test. Use a cable release or self timer. Make sure your AF point completely covers the target, and try using MF (and Live View, if possible), too. If there is a big difference in performance between these 2 lenses, something is amiss.



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