16-85 lacks sharpness

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Re: 16-85 lacks sharpness

David Mitchell wrote:

I've had the 16-85 VR for a few months now and whilst initially
impressed, I am now increasingly finding that most pictures taken
with it seem to lack real sharpness. Since I'm still pretty new at
this, I'd welcome some more opinions on the subject - is there an
issue or am I simply being too fussy.

While it’s hard to judge the sharpness of the pictures at such a small size, I don’t think that the problem is the lens.

From what I’m seeing I guess, that the main problem is the camera setting and the selection of the focus point.

If you don’t want to do post processing you should raise the in camera sharpening a bit. Nikon dSLRs tend to produce softer JPEGs as those are easier to post process.

Load the images into ViewNX, there you can see if the focus point is where you wanted it to be.

In some of your pictures I get the impression, that the focus point isn’t at the best place - take the image of the railroad station, it looks like the focus point is in the centre of the image where only a wall is.

In the image of the cars at the cottage the focal point seems to be at the fence at the bottom of the frame.

The lens itself is best at f/5.6 - f/11, some of the images seem to be at f/3.5 where the lens isn’t at its optimal sharpness.

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