16-85 lacks sharpness

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Re: 16-85 lacks sharpness

Yes, your images look a bit soft.
At what F/stop did you shoot them?
Also can you post 100% crops at their focus points?

If you want a really sharp lens consider the 17-55, the 24-70, the 70-200 or some of Nikon's primes.

Also if you shot these at the smallest aperture number you can get on this lens, largest aperture, you will never be as sharp as you would if you'd dial the f/stops up by a few stops. Try again at something like F/8 if you can and show us 100% crops of those images too.
I wouldn't be surprised if they were much sharper.
This lens is not a professional lens.

The 16-85 I once tried wasn't fully sharp until I had dialed it up to f/8 or there about.
That type of thing isn't unusual for consumer lenses though.

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