40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

Started Sep 14, 2008 | Discussions thread
SteB Veteran Member • Posts: 4,526

I have not done any rigorours tests. However, I have used a 430EX on a bracket on the 40D with the flash head in a similar position to the MT24EX's heads. Then I have deliberately selected the same type of subject that causes the MT24EX to over-expose i.e. an insect with no backround immediately behind it. With the 430EX the tendency has been to underexpose, which to me is typical of evaluative TTL flash metering systems I have used. There is a huge difference in the exposure pattern over many shots of the MT24EX and 430EX - and yet there shouldn't be as in theory both are controlled via the cameras metering system. I was hoping to do some more controlled comparisons. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse and I've barely been able to get any insect photos at all, let alone do comparisons. I only wanted to do these tests outdoors because I have found it pointless to assess outdoor flash set-ups in-doors. The reflections off walls and ceilings are very different than to what happens outside.

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