40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

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Re: 40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

I was only joking (well at least half-joking) John. However, I find it odd that on an international forum like this there is only yourself, me and someone who found this thread through your blog, that have responded to your post. The purpose of my last thread was to get as many responses as possible to firstly identify how widespread the problem was, and then hopefully for Canon to take notice of the issue. Also I was hoping that everyone would then get an overview of what the problem was, so they would see it as that. One very strong impression I have is that because this type of photography is pretty difficult anyway, that a lot of people who have experienced this problem have wrongly blamed their own ineptitude, when it was not their fault. Unless you are already an accomplished and experienced macro shooter, it is probably very difficult to know whether it is the fault of the equipment, or your own inexperience. For instance because I had not previous experinec of Canon DSLRs, I had no way of knowing that this wasn't the norm for how the MT24EX generally behaves.

My impression is that this problem is pretty wide spread and there are very few people using the MT24EX on the 40D who have not experienced this problem in one way or another.

It only became a real problem to me a few weeks ago when I tried to photograph hoverflies in flight (as I normally do at this time of the year). It was very frustrating and a complete waste of time. Obviously you get a lot of waste shots because the depth of field is so small. However, all shots with perfect focus were grossly over-exposed and all the well-exposed shots were oof. It was impossible to find a general setting where it was okay. If you used FEC, some would be okay, and others would be ridiculously under-exposed. The inconsistency was the problem. With this type of shot you have to be concentrating 100% on the insect and anticipating where the plane of focus will be at the point of exposure - you can't carefully watch the background and fiddle with FEC values as in static shots.

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