The Lowering Quality of Photography

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Re: So here's the real deal...

You sound so disillusioned - lost that spark for photography maybe, only you know that one.

I havn't been around long on these forums, but i do enjoy reading the posts and well i don't take all the posts to seriously, but i have found some helpful. Some are silly, but i don't follow the thread, or sometimes i do and it amuses me. No harm done.

Life is changing all the time.... But i have discovered a passion for photography the last 9 months or so with my dslr, drive my family crazy, photography mags everywhere, can't leave the house without the camera - watch everything and think about the shot, composition, the light, camera settings.

I confess I am not a natural and don't have the talent, how frustrating for me, but i want to give it a go and one day i will post a picture - probably a disaster to some - but hey i luv it and i want to give it a go and this forum is part of the fun.

I really hope you get some spark back and enjoy photography.....

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