D90 Dragon

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Supr X
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"D90 Captures Dragon"

cmvsm wrote:

Supr X wrote:

Nice shot too!
How are you finding shooting the 90? Like it a lot?

. . . . [edit]
The movie feature works better than I anticipated for fast kids. As
long as you stay away from the general 'no no's' of taking videos,
just like you would with any other video cam, everything is fine.
Those of course being, no fast panning and limiting the amount of
zoom while shooting.

Its all good Dave. How you liking yours?

Wow, well, i love it, but it is for so many significantly advanced operating features(that will take me a while to learn!) coming from the simpler D40x that have been my main focus as yet. Shooting is a dream, the kit lens AF, sharpness and zoom feel are wonderful. -I get torn with spending what little weekday free time i have between learning about the camera's controls and wanting to go out and shoot with it, and as a consequence haven't done enough of either!
Glad you went for the 90 for your own reasons, it's been a great step up for me.
-Look forward to more 'posed' and un-posed shots from you!

. . . shoot like there's no film in the thing!

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