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Re: You got the 90, "c" . . . sweet!

Supr X wrote:

Nice shot too!
How are you finding shooting the 90? Like it a lot?

Yeah, its very similar to the D80 size, which I prefer. The size was the one factor weighing in heavily on my decision from the D300. Also, for some reason I was really bugged about the Live View feature. Not that I will be using it much, but if I or my wife uses it, I wanted it to perform like a typical P&S, as I think it should. I made another thread on it, but the D90 is actually more advanced than the D300 in this regard. 2nd generation thing I suppose.

Other than that, its been great. The kit lens isn't half bad either. The reach is just about perfect to walk around with and the sharpness is fantastic. Although this is my first plastic mount on a lens, and I would definitely prefer metal.

The movie feature works better than I anticipated for fast kids. As long as you stay away from the general 'no no's' of taking videos, just like you would with any other video cam, everything is fine. Those of course being, no fast panning and limiting the amount of zoom while shooting.

Its all good Dave. How you liking yours?

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