The Lowering Quality of Photography

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I think photography is better

I think you have it all wrong. I think there are more people producing better photography than there ever have been in the history of photography because digital cameras have made photography so accessible to so many people. And people are more easily able to learn from their photography mistakes thanks to quick review and feedback. Additionally, people have more control over the final image thanks to Photoshop and other programs. And more people are using these programs as their digital darkrooms than people in the past ever used wet darkrooms to fine-tune their images. The end result is that more people can do more photography, and take their photography farther, faster, than at any time in the history of photography. Just go look at flickr and you'll see an enormous collection of great photography from all corners of the world, from people young and old, from all walks of life.

Of course, along with having more photographers in the fold, you're also going to have more mediocre (or even awful) photography. But all in all, I definitely do not think photography has suffered as a result of more people getting into photography. Whereas in the past, photography was limited to the few people who were truly dedicated to it and had the means to do it, today that barrier to entry is a lot lower and a lot easier to overcome, resulting in many talented people getting into photography who might have never gotten into photography in the past.

I personally have friends and family who would have never gotten into photography back in the film days, but now enjoy digital photography, and have gotten quite good at it, and have gotten good at it at a faster rate than they ever would have if back in the film days.

Don't be an elitist. There are more people getting into photography today than ever before. Many of them start off being bad photographers. (We all have to start somewhere.) And back in the film days, these bad photographers producing bad photos would have never seen the light of day. But in the digital age, anyone from almost anywhere in the world can post an image for the world to critique. And likewise, anyone from almost anywhere in the world can see fantastic photography and get photography tips (on the internet) to help them be better photographers. Many, many of these people do become excellent photographers. And as a result, I think there are more good photographers producing more good photos than ever before.

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