1DsIII or 5Dii - is there a wide angle solution to match the D3+ 14-24?

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Re: 1DsIII or 5Dii - is there a wide angle solution to match the D3+ 14-24?

One thing I find puzzling about that website's coverage is this - these are ultra-wide angle lenses and yet, they've chosen to test on subject matter just a few meters away (5 max).

You've stated that you are looking to shoot landscapes, are we talking architectural? pastoral? vistas? How big are you looking to frame? and from what distance?

You will be primarily shooting from infinity or just under it. These tests may not necessarily be giving you a true display of what you will find given the working distances you are looking to employ.

I own the Sigma 12-24mm and although its not as fast as these other lenses I believe you should look into it further. Especially since most of the time you will be shooting f/8 or higher. Maybe I'm missing something, but, if you're shooting landscapes wouldn't you be looking for edge-to-edge sharpness as your main concern? Wide open these lenses won't be able to deliver that for you. So how often will you use this lens to shoot wide open?


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