40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

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Re: 40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

John I previously made a similar post on this forum with a link to my thread on the Canon SLR Lens Talk forum and I did not receive a single response to it http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1019&message=29016972

I was a bit surprised by this as it appears to be a specific 40D problem. From the proportion of MT24EX users on other forums (such as Canon SLR Lens Talk) who have these mentioned problems when using this flash on their 40D this seems a pretty widespread problem and does not appear to be with a few faulty bodies/flashes.

Therefore I can only assume that very few users of this forum use an MT24EX flash or they are not responding for some other reason. I find it a bit odd that a 2 genuine posts about what appears to a genuine and widespread problem with the MT24EX/40D combination receive no response at all (accept from myself and yourself). This is especially odd because if you look at the gear details of those currently posting macro photos using the MT24EX or MP-E 65mm on all forums (not just Dpr) - I would say the vast majority are using the 40D at this point in time. This is hardly surprising as the 1.6x crops sensor is a big advantage for macro and the 40D is currently the top camera using this sensor (until the 50D is released).

Perhaps if the post was labelled with "will the MT24EX have problems with the 50D or 5D Mk II", it might get noticed.

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