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And your source is...

aaardvark wrote: and
look under August 22.

"The 1D3 AF saga has deeply embarassed Canon, who are in the midst of
a complete AF redesign from the 1 series down - this design team has
been given considerable authority and resources. AF based on the new
designs was specifically left out until next year's models (early

...That (!?) So that is where you get your sense of "reality"? ]-)

Which by observation is not good enough.

...There is hardly a "good enough" when there is no commonly accepted test method (or "protocol"). Sounds almost rhetorical.

It is well accepted that
there are problems with the last 1D and reasonably well accepted that
there are fundamental limitations to the performance of Canon's AF in
all current models.

...Are you a 1D user?

(demanding situations = small DOF lenses plus moving targets,
changing targets, complex targets, strong backlighting, small targets
or competing clutter).

...Interesting, you are pretty much describing the typical circumstances where any AF system available today is most challenged... Seems like an academic description, indeed.

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