D300 no F'ing AF today!!!

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Re: D300 no F'ing AF today!!!

I had my problem twice - once before I had the grip, and once afterwards. I'm sure its not just a grip issue, and certainly not a battery charge issue.

As I've only seen it so far on a VR lens (18-200 for me), I'm wondering if it is related to that, or perhaps AFS.

As you seem to be having the issue somewhat frequently (? at least more than twice in 9 months which is my case), I wonder if you could try some tests next time it occurs. (Or anyone else for that matter).

Test #1 - turn off VR. Does it help?

Test #2 - switch to manual focus. I'm pretty sure this will immediately work, but never tried it.

Test #3 - switch to continuous focus (with shutter release priority). I don't think this will change anything, but I am curious if the camera will just ignore a lack of focusing and fire anyway.

The most insidious thing about this problem is that it gives no warning at all when it comes up. You just miss a shot and get stressed.

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