40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

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Re: 40D and the MT-24EX Flash Metering Problem

My experience has been similar to yours John and I described it here http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1029&message=28982093 . As the 40D is my first Canon DSLR I had no experience of other Canon bodies to compare it with. However, I do notice that if I use my 430EX on an off camera chord instead of the MT24EX, then it behaves as I would expect an evaluative metering system to work i.e. a slight tendency to under-exposure in tricky lighting. Whereas with the MT24EX it is completely different with a tendency to over-exposure in tricky lighting conditions. To me this is most unusual for an evaluative metering system. I have used quite a few different camera brands and flashgun makes with evaluative TTL flash, and all of them have shown a tendency to err towards caution and underexpose in difficult lighting situations. In my experience with TTL flash only average and centre weighted metering has a tendency to over-expose in the situations where the 40D/MT24EX over-exposes. This leads me to believe that whilst E-TTL metering is indicated, it is not actually working in this mode. I can confirm what John has said. If you switch to average metering, the exposure pattern of the MT24EX on the 40D is the same as it is in E-TTL.

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